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Shortcut Menus Entering Data Flash Fill Auto Fill Comparing Updates VBA Code Using the UsedRange One of the most common ways to find the last cell on a worksheet is to use the UsedRange property.

Select The Last Used Cell In A Column – Excel VBA

Count - 1 When you have a "clean" worksheet the following code returns the correct last cell "E4". SpecialCells xlCellType. Column This also includes formatting in the range that is returned. SpecialCells xlLastCell.

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Row The macro recorder will generate code with the xlLastCell constant which adds to the confusion. Using Cells. Find Another popular approach which can be used to obtain the last "populated" row and column is to use the Cells.

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Column Using End XlDirection. End xlDirection. Row Checking each row or column at a time The only way to accurately determine the next row or last row that contains data is to check every cell using ActiveCell. Count, objRange. Because we have mentioned the column A under Range function while defining the variable formula. You can see the system has still given row count as Even though I have deleted a row and actual row count is 13, the system has not captured the row count accurately.

For the system to capture the actual row count, you need to save the worksheet and run the code again. Here, FIND function looks for a first non-blank cell. Starting from cell A1, the system goes back to the last cell from the sheet and searches in a backward direction xlPrevious.

It moves from right to left xlByRows and loops up in the same sheet through all the rows on similar lines until it finds a non-blank row see the. ROW at the end of the code.

Find last row column cell in an Excel worksheet with VBA – Excel VBA Training Online

Here we discuss how to find the last used row in a given column along with some practical examples and downloadable excel template. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —. Verifiable Certificates.

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Find the last row in the current column (with blanks)

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